Welcome to the Sundancer's RC Club Website

Welcome to the website for the Sundancers RC Club.

We are a growing community of radio controlled enthusiasts.  Our facilities are located in west St. Lucie county and cover all major RC disciplines, from flying to boating to off-road racing.  The Sundancers RC Club is a private members only playground.  

Club membership offers a number of benefits. The main benefit is use of the club’s facilities.  All of the facilities are maintained by the club dues and event income.  In addition to paying club dues, all members must be insured by at least one of the following:

  • The Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) for all things that fly, float, or roll on the ground.
  • ROAR for all things with wheels on the ground (or that occasionally end up turtled after a bad jump!).  In order to participate in ROAR sponsored races, the drivers must have ROAR insurance (AMA will not cover insurance requirements during racing events).
  • NAMBA for all things that ride on (or under!) the surface of a body of water.  In order to participate in NAMBA sponsored races, the boat capitans must have NAMBA insurance (AMA will not cover insurance requirements during racing events).

Our radio control park has a 1000 feet grass East-West runway, a 500 feet grass North-South runway, and a large pond for the float flying/boating modelers, and now after much hard work, an oval and off-road car track is in place and is open events. Additionally, we have electric power at the facility available for charging batteries.

You will find our Location, club contacts, and more information about the club within the website.  

Come on out and join us.  Visitors are always welcome.  When you are ready to join the club, visit the Join Us tab above.

By the way, search for Sundancers RC Club on Facebook to get to our Facebook page.


Set your calendars!

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1920px FBI SWAT team Watervliet Arsenal

"FAA! We got a report of an ID-less non-registered DRONE!"

The FAA has issued their Notice of Proposed Rule Making to inform the public of the Rules they want to enact concering remote ID requirements for remote control airplanes and drones.  They are currently incorporating many of the comments received by stakeholders, including hobbyists. The good news is that our hobby looks like it will survive Big Government!

No, it is not only a concern for quadcopters, this affects everything over 250 grams that flies. This article won't attempt to provide a "Cliff's Notes" easy to digest outline of tte rules, the job has been done already and can be read here.