There are three types of club membership.

  • Regular members pay dues of $150.00 a year and are full voting members of the club.
  • Spouses and children (under 19) of regular members can join the club for an additional $15.00 for the family. Family members that fly must also be AMA members.
  • Junior members (under 19) may join the club for $25.00.

After July 1st all dues are half price. Those initially joining the club after September 30th may pay dues for the full year and be entitled to membership for the balance of the year and all of the following year.

Members have 24/7/365 access to the grounds and can enjoy the RC disciplines that interest them.

Memberships expire December 31st. Members have a grace period for renewal until January 31st, after which a $25 late fee is required to renew the membership.

What are you waiting for! Click Here for a membership form.

Ken Bridges is the Membership Chairman, and he can be contacted at 201-5509.