Sundancers RC Club Premiere Facility at 7901 Germany Canal Road in Western Port St. Lucie County

GPS Coordinates are 27.323471,-80.562611, or if using Google Maps, search on 8457 Germany Canal Rd Port St Lucie, FL 34987

Why does the entrance road have a mail box labeled 7901 Germany Canal Road, you may ask. It depends, Google Maps shows 8457 Germany Canal Road, Mapquest shows another street address at the above GPS coordinates. The US Post Office thinks the street address is 7901 Germany Canal Road. So, that is why the mail box has 7901 Germany Canal Road, Unfortunately, nobody told Google. Mapquest. Bing Maps, Yahoo Maps, or any other online map, etc.

There is no northern Germany Canal road “loop” as shown on the above map, the field entrance is at the 3rd 90 degree bend on Germany Canal Road as you head west from Carlton Road. Once you turn into the entrance, simply follow the signs to get to the field.