Here are the minutes for the General Club Meeting on January 21 2023,  Before reading the following I would like to again ask anybody willing to make a monetary donation for the cost of the new 20 feet Canopy being added to the east side  exististing one we will be adding electric receptacles there as well , the more donations we receive the sooner this can be done,  Thank You.

 Sundancers Board Meeting called to order: January 21, 2023, 11:00AM 

In attendance approximately 36 members and the entire Board. Board Members: John M., Ken B, Rich Briggs,Harry A. Dave Rhodes, Ned Flanagan  & Paul Coatu from the car track 

In Memoriam, the past year we have lost two members that we’d like to recognize: Larry Olson & Jim Youngblood Both were great men and an asset to the club.

    Dave Rhodes has been appointed as the New Safety Officer

  Safety ●

 It was discussed that members have been running engines under the canopy. We feel this is not a good safety practice, and members are prohibited from doing this!  If you need to break in an engine or test run a motor, we suggest you take it to the far right or left side of the field; out of everyone’s way. 

● There is no taxiing from the canopy and or into the pit area from the runway!! All planes should be taken to the flightline and be placed on to the runway, after completing you flight, taxi up to the flightline and kill your engine prior to passing the flight line. Take off only when it is safe to do so after clearing all planes and people in the pilot stations.

 ● Members are encouraged to wear their badges when flying. Members are also encouraged to stay in pilot stations and use spotters.

● Common sense and courtesy should be used, especially when somebody’s taking a maiden flight. We’d like to give them priority.

 ● Keep planes north of the flightline and do not fly over the parking lots and car track. We want to try and keep everything over the runway as best as we could and not behind us or far away from us.

 ● We’d like everyone to use courtesy when smoking. There should be no smoking under the canopy when other members are in close proximity. 


● We would like to thank Ken Bridges for supplying the funds for six new flight stations and we’re also looking for donations for an extra 20 feet of canopy. The cost is a little over $2000 and any donations would be appreciated  

● Big Bird Event 

○ We will be having our big bird event on Friday, April 21st and Saturday, 22nd. ○ This is not going to be an IMAA Sanctioned Event, so the 80” wingspan rule will not be in effect but encouraged. If you don’t have large planes and wan’t to fly in the event to support the club, by all means fly what you have regardless of the size 

● Currently we have 126 members and 35 of those members are left from the TCRAM Club. Their free dues will be ending this year (2023). We also have eight car members.

 ● A question was raised about a company drilling core samples out in the Grove behind the runway, and it was discussed that it would be for a mine that they’re looking to put in and it should not affect us.

 ● It was discussed that our lease is on a month-to-month basis and we’re on good terms with the water company

 ● There are talks in the works for a float fly

 ● Try to hold a meeting every three months 

● The next one will be April 15 on Saturday and we should be able to discuss the big bird event at that time. No date has been set as of yet. 

Financial Report

 ● The last car race generated about $1500. 

● We pay to have the big grass cut with a bush hog nine times per year at $500 a cut for the car races. They require private insurance from Lewis and Lewis and that’s $1000 a year because we’re not affiliated with ROAR. 

 ● Lawnmower, repairs and maintenance for $2600 

● Toilet maintenance $1461.78 

● Dumpster $89 a month from Waze

 ● Diesel fuel $1576

 ● The Lake Dr. $200 a month

 Meeting Adjourned at 11:32am