Hello Sundancers,  I would like to start by wishing you all a very happy holiday season and hope you and your families are all well. With that, I have some news for you. Firstly on a sad note , we lost two members of our club this last year and I am very saddened by it. Jim Youngblood and Larry Olsen have passed and it is hard  to see them gone. Jim was a very nice man and always had a smile to share, He would come down to the field and fly his home made stuff and we would all watch with laughter. Larry was a great Pilot and a founding member of our club who had taught countless members to fly and was always polite and cheery. They will be missed greatly.  

 On a lighter note, I would like to welcome some new members to our family. Please welcome, Jim Johnson, Tim Haas, Dave Herd, Jason Williams, Mike Greenberg, Ron Reiskin, Jeff Kramer, and Sam Badillo. If you happen to see these gentlemen at the field please introduce yourself as I have and they are very nice guys. Our club is seeing more members from the PSL hobby group in Port St. Lucie come and join us  as they seem to not be happy with the administration at that field.  We at the Sundancers are a close knit group with open minds and welcome member input for suggestions to improve our facility.  Our dues are a bit more that theirs but we feel our field offers more to the members that is worth the extra mone.  No Noise restriction, Flying of all types of aircraft, Gas,Electric, Turbine, Control Line, Boats, Cars Fishing, Just about anything to do with models. Our runway is considerably larger as well . We are not supported monetarily by anyone but ourselves, We pay for everything with dues  and contributions.   

 I will be calling a Board of directors meeting soon and would like to hear any suggestions you may have to for us to discuss. As some of you may know already, I have some serious health issues right now and am just starting to get back to a somewhat normal life, I still have some large hurdles to jump as I am waiting for a new Heart for transplant, I did make it out to the field this past Saturday and was very pleased to see the amount of members out to fly. It was real good to get some fresh air. Although I am not flying yet, I hope to be flying again soon. 

 We will be having our annual Big Bird event in early 2023 and hope you can all attend. Please volunteer some of your time to help Doc and Tom with the event if you can. I will try to contribute the best I can but am very limited in my physical activity. any help is appreciated. If you have donations, Time, or anything you think would help to make our event better , please do so.  

 If you know of any members who are not re joining please let me know so I can remove them from our list.  

 Here are some notes to follow , Please be considerate of your fellow members when smoking under the canopy, Some members are sensitive to smoke and have health issues, it is very uncomfortable for them.  I have received several requests to rectify this.  I will never single anyone out but please be courteous. We would never tell anyone they can not smoke ,just go out from under the canopy to do so.  Thanks.  also, Please do not park your cars in front of the Charging station/Kitchen  area. The gators ( Carts) are in there and need to be readily accessible, There is NO PARKING in that area. 

 Thanks for your time and I hope to see you all at the field soon. Have a great holiday season and keep Flying High. 

                                                                                   Fraternally Yours, Club President

                                                                                                 John Martorano